Letters To Momma

Sharon Georgianna Jackson Wheeler

         May 2,1942  to  May 2,2007

May 2,1942 Was the Begining of the Circle.

May 2,2007  The Ends met, But it is unbroken as She lives in our Hearts, Lives & Memories everyday.


 My Mom rests Now high on another montain in Upstate New York,  I think she would have  aproved of the spot that my Dad picked for us to go to visit her.  It is so beautiful there.  It is peaceful, quiet and most of all in the country.

      My dad and my brothers mow her grave every week. She has almost as much  there as she had at home.  

      People  probely wonder why is her grave so decorated. She loved  Life, holidays, lighthouses and flowers.  And she really loved the fall.  She would collect leaves, all shapes, sizes and color and then tell you what kind of tree it from. I think she liked the Maple leaves the best of all. So this time of the year a big deal to her. I know she is Smiling down on us right now saying," They really do remember the simple things I enjoyed all my life.  

        So when you take a ride and see a grave with alot of things on it, stop and take the time to see who that person was. You maybe surprized at what you can find out about that person by what is on their grave.


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